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Create a Showering or Bathing Routine Visual

September 2022 | Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist, Adult Down Syndrome Center

The images and template below can be used by individuals with Down syndrome and their families to create a visual showing the steps of their showering or bathing routine. 


  1. Print one set of the images below. Cut out the images.

  2. Print a shower opens in new window or bath opens in new window routine template.

  3. Determine the steps of your shower or bath routine.

  4. Choose images that correspond to the steps of your routine. 

  5. Lay out the images in order on the blank template.

  6. Tape or glue the images to the template. 



Tap on the image to open a printable version. 


My shower routine example


Showering and Bathing Images

Tap on the images to open printable versions. 


Bath/shower routine images with dark skin, opens in new window

Bath/shower routine images with medium skin, opens in new window

Bath/shower routine images with light skin, opens in new window


Using visuals is one of the strategies suggested in our Bathing and Showering Tips article. Additional resources for individuals with Down syndrome can be found in the Self-Care and Hygiene section of our library. 

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