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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21, 2021 07:00 AM
Images of people with Down syndrome

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! We are grateful to be part of the Down syndrome community and to have a role in improving the health of people with Down syndrome. Our mission at the Adult Down Syndrome Center is to enhance the well-being of people with Down syndrome who are 12 and older by using a TEAM approach to provide comprehensive, holistic, community-based health care services.

Working as a team has been an essential part of our approach since the earliest days of the clinic. We recognize that the team includes but goes far beyond the staff at the Adult Down Syndrome Center. It is made up of family members, staff at residential facilities, teachers, job coaches, service providers, and local and national Down syndrome organizations, just to name a handful. At the Center of the team are individuals with Down syndrome. 

Today is a wonderful day to recognize and celebrate people with Down syndrome and the global Down syndrome community. We are so thankful for you! 

If you would like to learn more about our mission and our campaign to expand patient care, research, and education, please visit:

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