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Healthy Ways to Manage Stress and Anger

August 2, 2022 07:00 AM
Healthy Ways to Manage Stress and Anger

A topic we discuss frequently in our social skills groups for individuals with Down syndrome is managing stress and anger. We suggest using one or more of a variety of strategies to help us calm down. We have compiled a list of handouts and videos on this topic below. Consider reviewing the strategies and choosing one to try out today. 

Tips for Dealing with Stress (handout)



Tips for Dealing with Stress (video)



Soothing Standing Stretch (video)
from Everyday Speech




Strategies to Help Me Calm Down (handout)



Strategies to Control My Anger (handout)

strategies to control my anger


Plan for When I'm Angry (handout)

plan for when i'm angry


Additional resources on mental health can be found in this section of our Resource Library. 

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