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21 Healthy Ways to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

March 18, 2023 07:00 AM
21 healthy ways to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

We are looking forward to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21! How are you going to celebrate? We compiled a list of 21 activities we can do to celebrate this special day and promote our health. Consider doing 1, 2, or all 21 of the activities over the next few days. Review the list below or check out our printable version opens in new window.

  1. Wash your hands. Scrub for 21 seconds instead of 20! Our handwashing video provides a short overview of how we should wash our hands.

  2. Learn about the food groups. Watch our videos!

  3. Make a list of 21 things for which you are grateful.

  4. Practice a new skill. These might include cooking, drawing, having conversations, etc. YouTube can help! 

  5. Be active! Review our handout on Ways to Be Active opens in new window. Choose one activity to do today and/or review additional resources in the exercise and physical activity section of our Resource Library.

  6. Work on a puzzle. Jigsaw, crossword, sudoku, word search…what is your favorite type?

  7. Do a craft or art project.

  8. Write a letter to yourself. Put it in an envelope. Wait until next year to open it!

  9. Wear wacky socks!

  10. De-stress. Check out our Coping with Stress article and make a stress management plan.

  11. Declutter. Clean out a drawer or closet. Consider donating items you no longer use.

  12. Play a game! UNO, Bingo, Happy Salmon, and LCR (Left Center Right) are some of our favorites at the Adult Down Syndrome Center!

  13. Do a 3/21 workout! Do 3 sets of 21 repetitions of an exercise such as jumping jacks, crunches, squats, push-ups, and/or arm punches.

  14. Eat a healthy snack. Check out our handout opens in new window for ideas.

  15. Exercise your brain. Read a book or article, listen to an audiobook or podcast, or watch a documentary or webinar.

  16. Promote your social health. Call or visit a friend or family member.

  17. Get good sleep. Review our Ways to Get Good Sleep handout opens in new window and make a plan for a healthy bedtime routine.

  18. DANCE! Turn on your favorite song and show off your best dance moves!

  19. Drink an extra cup of water instead of soda or juice. Review our Staying Hydrated resource for more hydration tips.

  20. Write or draw 21 things you like about a friend or family member with Down syndrome. Bonus: Do this for 3 people to really get in the WDSD spirit!

  21. Continue the celebration! Check out more resources for people with Down syndrome in our Resource Library.

Healthy Ways to Celebrate WDSD

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