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Resource Spotlight: Communication Visuals

September 1, 2023 07:00 AM
Communication visuals

For today's Resource Spotlight, we are highlighting our communication visuals. There are visuals to support individuals with Down syndrome in appropriately communicating their thoughts and feelings in person, over the phone, and on social media. 

My Communication Board opens in new window

My communication board, opens in new window


Emotions Visual opens in new window

Emotions visual, opens in new window


My Rules for Conversation opens in new window

My rules for conversation, opens in new window


"I" Statements

"I" statements


Rules for Successful Workplace Conversations



Rules for Phone Safety opens in new window

Rules for phone safety, opens in new window


Rules for Social Media Safety opens in new window

Rules for social media safety, opens in new window


More resources are available in the Social Skills section of our Resource Library.

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