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Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2021 - Day 13

October 13, 2021 07:00 AM
Did you know? Some people with Down syndrome process information at a slower pace.

If you have watched some of our health education videos featuring individuals with Down syndrome, you may have noticed that the speaking speed of the individuals in the videos is slower than you may be used to. Speaking more slowly provides more time for them to process and respond to the information they are hearing.

When having conversations, we can allow more time for individuals with Down syndrome to process information by slowing down our rate of speaking and pausing before making additional comments. When watching videos on platforms such as YouTube (for leisure or educational purposes), it may be helpful for the person with Down syndrome to slow down the playback speed. 

Our health education videos can be found in the "Patient Education and Health Promotion Videos" at this link

Information on how to change the speed of YouTube videos can be found here


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