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May 10, 2022 07:00 AM
10 popular resources from the Advocate Medical Group Adult Down Syndrome Center

Our online Resource Library has over 450 articles, health education videos, visuals, and webinar recordings! There is a lot to explore on our site. Wondering where to start? Here are 10 resources that are popular among users of our Resource Library. 

 1.  COVID-19 Booster Shots


 2.  Menstrual Hygiene

      menstrual hygiene management

 3.  Folliculitis and Boils


 4.  Loss of Skills and Alzheimer's Disease

      Loss of Skills and Alzheimer's Disease in People with Down Syndrome

 5.  Weight Management


 6.  Sensory Processing


 7.  Self-Talk


 8.  Stereotypies (Repetitive Movements or Sounds)

      Stereotypies and Down Syndrome: Repetitive Movements or Sounds

 9.  Temperature Regulation


10.  Low Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

      Low blood pressure and heart rate in people with Down syndrome


To browse all the resources in our library, please click this link.

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