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Post COVID-19 Life: What Does This Look Like and How Do We Prepare?

April 2021 | Nicole Baumer, MD, MEd, Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L, Lina Patel, PsyD - National Down Syndrome Society Presentation

ARCHIVED: This resource has been archived. More recent COVID-19 resources can be found in this section of our Resource Library.

What does post COVID-19 life look like and how do we prepare? These questions were discussed in a presentation hosted by the National Down Syndrome Society during their virtual Adult Summit in April 2021. The presenters were three members of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group - USA (DSMIG-USA) - Nicole Baumer, MD, MEd, Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L, and Lina Patel, PsyD. The recording of the presentation can be viewed at this link.

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