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Current Projects

Our work strives to enhance the lives of people over 12 years of age with Down syndrome.



Down Syndrome
Clinical Trials Network

The Adult Down Syndrome Center is one of eleven sites working together to carry out clinical trials more rapidly. The initial focus will be aimed at preventing Alzheimer's disease onset in people with Down syndrome as well as supporting relevant observational studies.


Research Study

LIFE-DSR is the first project of the DS-CTN. This study is an observational investigation with the goal to better understand the cognitive and behavioral changes along with the health issues found in adults with Down syndrome as they age and potentially progress toward Alzheimer's disease.


INCLUDE Project with
University of Chicago

The Adult Down Syndrome Center and the University of Chicago will be working together to gain a better understanding of co-occurring conditions in people with Down syndrome using data from nationwide databases and the Adult Down Syndrome Center.


Healthcare Guidelines
for Adults with
Down Syndrome

Brian Chicoine, MD is one of the lead authors on the nationwide effort to update medical care guidelines for adults with Down syndrome. These guidelines will offer recommendations on some of the specific health needs of adults with Down syndrome and the first set will be released at the end of 2019. The guidelines were last updated in 1999 and are available to view.


Video Study:
Handwashing Technique

Dr. Chicoine is conducting this study to evaluate if the handwashing technique of individuals with Down syndrome improves after repetitive viewing of a video of another adult with Down syndrome demonstrating proper handwashing technique. The use of videos and peer modeling have been demonstrated to be effective learning tools for people with Down syndrome in the education setting. Research on its applicability to health education specifically has not been done.


Memantine Study:
Phase II clinical trial

Alberto Costa, MD, PhD is conducting a follow-up, phase II clinical trial of the drug memantine at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic. The study was designed to ascertain the potential impact of this drug on enhancing the cognitive abilities of adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome. The study involves several visits to Cleveland. Dr. Chicoine is working with Dr. Costa so that participants from the Chicago area can complete one of the visits at the Adult Down Syndrome Center.

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Our generous supporters have helped us grow from our humble beginnings in 1992 as a twice-a-month clinic to the nationally recognized center we are today. Philanthropy led to the hiring of our first patient advocate more than a decade ago, to the opening of our new facility in 2012 and to our ability to offer patients numerous groups and activities. We have big plans to continue the growth of our center and hope you'll consider a gift to help make those plans a reality.



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