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Resources on Executive Functioning and Down Syndrome

November 2022 | Adult Down Syndrome Center - Resource List

Executive functioning (or executive function) describes skills and mental processes that enables us to set goals, make plans, and manage daily life. Working memory, flexible thinking, self-control, and problem solving are all part of executive functioning. Some people with Down syndrome need additional support to learn and develop executive functioning and/or to access and use accommodations for executive functioning. Improving these skills can help individuals attain greater independence in a variety of areas including self-care, healthy living, school/work, household management/chores, and more.

We have compiled a list of resources below. The first set of resources provides general information about executive functioning. The second set of resources provides more specific information about executive functioning and Down syndrome. 

General Resources

One-page handout from Everyday Speech
Handout on executive functioning - opens in new window
Article from
What is executive function article from
Guide from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.
Executive function and self-regulation guide from Harvard University
Simon Technology Center

Resources on Executive Functioning and Down Syndrome

Short article and video (02:26) from the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.
Down syndrome and executive functioning video from DSRF
Episode of the LowDown podcast from the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.
Podcast episode on executive functioning in people with Down syndrome
Webinar recording from the National Down Syndrome Congress. Scroll down to find the recording.
Supporting the Executive Functioning Needs of a Child at School: Advocacy Strategies and More!  webinar
Webinar recording from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Must be (or become) a member to watch the recording. PowerPoint slides can be accessed at no cost.
Executive function skills in everyday life webinar from GLOBAL
Our Resource Library also has an article with resources on supporting individuals with Down syndrome in developing greater independence

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