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June 2024 | Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist, Adult Down Syndrome Center

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What is a relationship? 

A relationship is a connection between 2 or more people. 

We can have relationships with many types of people. 

We can have relationships that are romantic and relationships that are not romantic.


  • Girlfriend

  • Boyfriend

  • Wife

  • Husband

These are sometimes called "romantic partners." 

Not Romantic

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Children

  • Teacher

  • Supervisor

  • Bus drivers

  • Coaches

  • Support staff

  • Acquaintances

  • Doctors and nurses

What does it mean to be in a romantic relationship?

  • You are only romantically interested in your partner.

  • You do not flirt with other people.

  • You only have one romantic partner at a time.

  • You have both agreed to be in a committed relationship.


Do I need to have a romantic partner?


It is ok not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend!

It is ok if you do not feel ready to date yet. 


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