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Resources for Siblings

January 2024 | Adult Down Syndrome Center - Resource List

The resources in the Families and Caregivers section of our Resource Library are intended for a broad audience of parents, siblings, friends, and caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome. Sometimes we receive requests for resources intended for a more specific audience. We have compiled a list of resources intended for siblings of individuals with Down syndrome (and other intellectual and developmental disabilities) and shared it below.
Resources include a sibling e-newsletter, webinars, articles, and the Arc's Center for Future Planning.
Facilitates in-person and virtual opportunities for siblings to connect, including SibShops, SibTeen, Sib20, and SibNet.
National organization with chapters in some states. Website provides resources for young siblings, teen/young adult siblings, and adult siblings, including the SLN Podcast opens in new window. S.I.B.S. opens in new window (Supporting Illinois Brothers & Sisters) is a chapter in Illinois. They offer a Sib2Sib Mentor Program opens in new window for adult siblings of people with disabilities.
Provides online support for siblings of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Facilitates a Facebook group for siblings of individuals with Down syndrome.
Provides an Adult Sibling Toolkit that siblings can use to "jump-start conversations with parents about becoming more involved in their brother or sister's life."
The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation featured sibling relationships in Season 5, Episode 9 of their podcast The LowDown. 
The Winter 2024 issue of 3.21 has a Q&A and articles featuring siblings of individuals with Down syndrome. 

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