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Visual Schedule Apps

April 2024 | Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist, Adult Down Syndrome Center

Visual schedules help an individual know what to expect. The schedule can be a list of activities for the entire day, only the morning or evening routine, or even the chores that need to be done. This can be presented as a list of words or as a series of pictures. The use of a calendar naturally provides a visual schedule. As a parent or caregiver, you can encourage the person to check their calendar or schedule instead of providing verbal prompts for each activity or task. This supports the individual with Down syndrome in being more independent in and responsible for completing activities and tasks. Below you will find some apps that can be used to create visual schedules.

Goally opens in new window

Goally develops apps and products for children with autism and ADHD, visual learners, and people with learning differences.

  • CoPilot opens in new window

    • App that allows users to create customized routines, schedules, checklists, and more using modeling, a visual timer, and audio cues.

    • Only available on the Goally Tablet 

  • Visual Schedule Builder opens in new window

    • ‚ÄčFree resource on the Goally website for creating customized printable visual schedules.

    • Can create 10 free schedules per day.


Choiceworks opens in new window

  • App developed to help children complete daily routines. Additional features help users learn how to manage feelings, wait, take turns, and not interrupt.

  • Only available for iOS.

  • One-time cost.


Good Karma Apps opens in new window

Good Karma has developed several apps for individuals with autism, learning differences, developmental disabilities, and communication needs.

  • Visual Schedule App HD opens in new window

    • App that can be used to create and use a variety of visual supports, including visual schedules, first then boards, choice boards, social stories, and video models.

    • Only available for iOS.

    • One-time cost.


Tiimo opens in new window

  • App that offers a customizable and visual way of planning your day and activities.

  • Free basic version, premium version available through monthly or yearly subscription.


Visual Daily Schedule opens in new window

  • App that allows users to create daily schedules and set task timers.

  • Free basic version, premium version available with subscription.

  • Only available for iOS.


Structured Daily Planner opens in new window

  • App that combines calendars and tasks into a visual timeline.

  • Free basic version, premium version available through monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription.

  • Only available for iOS.


We are sharing information about specific apps for educational purposes only. The Adult Down Syndrome Center does not receive financial support or compensation for sharing information about these apps. 

Last updated April 2024

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