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For people with Down syndrome, family members, caregivers and professionals.


January 2018 | Down's Syndrome Association - Booklet

People with and without Down syndrome experience grief and sadness when a loved one dies. We have learned from individuals with Down syndrome and their families that grief can be experienced differently for some people with Down syndrome. For example, some people with Down syndrome seem to experience a delayed grief. It may be weeks or months before the person shows grief. Additionally, some individuals may express their grief differently, particularly if they have a hard time communicating their thoughts and feelings verbally. 

The Down's Syndrome Association in the UK has a booklet for families and caregivers that provides information about bereavement and suggestions for supporting a person with Down syndrome who is grieving. The booklet can be found at this link.

*Please note: pages 5-8 contain information specific to services in the UK.

bereavement booklet from the Down's Syndrome Association

Additional resources can be found in the Grief and Loss section of our Resource Library.

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