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Nutrition and Hydration Apps

February 2023 | Monica Prindiville, OTS and Katie Frank, PhD, OTR/L - Occupational Therapy Student and Occupational Therapist

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding what to eat and drink including nutritional content, dietary restrictions and allergies, convenience, cost, and taste preferences. The apps listed below can help simplify the process by providing tools for tracking nutritional information, grocery shopping, hydration, and dining out. They are free to download on both iOS and Android, except where otherwise noted. Some of the apps have expanded versions available for purchase. 

Nutrition Tracking


MyFitnessPal app icon

MyFitnessPal offers tracking tools to help users meet their fitness and health goals. The app features trackers for nutrition, water intake, weight, exercise, and sleep.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate Calorie Counter app logo

MyPlate Calorie Counter offers tracking tools for recording food intake and exercise. It also includes recipes, meal plans, and workouts.


MyNetDiary app

MyNetDiary is a calorie counter app with a barcode scanner and food, water, and exercise trackers. Reviewers note that it is one of the easiest nutrition apps to use. 


Cronometer app icon

Cronometer offers more detailed nutrition tracking compared to other tracking apps (including vitamins and minerals along with the standard calories and macronutrients).


Fooducate app icon

Fooducate features a barcode scanner that provides a personalized nutrition grade (based on personalized health data and goals) for each food product scanned. Fooducate also includes a diet planner and a number of education resources.


Dining Out and Shopping with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions


Find Me Gluten Free app icon

Find Me Gluten Free

Eating out when you are gluten-free can be challenging. Find Me Gluten Free makes it easier by helping you find nearby restaurants with gluten-free options according to your specifications.

The Gluten Free Scanner

This app simplifies gluten-free grocery shopping by providing a barcode scanner that quickly checks products for gluten and provides analysis.




AllergyEats app icon

AllergyEats generates a list of nearby restaurants ranked by allergy-friendly ratings to make dining out safer and simpler for individuals with food allergies.


Spokin Allergies app
Spokin provides resources for a variety of food allergies. It helps users identify safe foods, restaurants, bakeries, and recipes. It also provides articles on topics such as top rated celiac-friendly pizza restaurants, Disney World with food allergies, allergy-friendly campus guides, and more.
*Only available on iOS



HappyCow app icon

HappyCow helps users find vegetarian and vegan-friendly dining options. You can search by location and restaurant type and view user reviews.


Grocery Shopping Lists

Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List app icon

Going to the store with a list can make it easier for you loved on to stay on track with making healthy choices. This app allows you to upload photos of the items on your grocery list to make choosing the right items easy. The app can also sync across multiple family members’ devices to keep everyone up to date on family shopping needs.


AnyList app icon

This grocery list app automatically organizes items into categories as you enter them, making grocery shopping more efficient. It can also sync across multiple devices and users.



Plant Nanny Water Tracker Log

Plant Nanny app icon

Plant Nanny makes staying hydrated more fun by tying water consumption to the growth of cute, virtual plants. To keep the plants alive, users must drink and log a specified amount of water every day.

Water Tracker Waterllama*

Water Tracker Waterllama app icon

This water tracking app provides a fun and colorful llama-themed tracker along with reminders for drinking water.

*Only available on iOS

Drink Water Aquarium

Drink Water Aquarium app icon

This app allows users to track their water consumption by filling a virtual aquarium with water while providing reminders to hydrate. Several features to help motivate users to stay hydrated are also included—fish dance to celebrate water consumption and new fish are added overtime when users stay on track with their hydration goals.


We are sharing information about specific apps for educational purposes only. The Adult Down Syndrome Center does not receive financial support or compensation for sharing information about these apps. 

Last updated 2/15/2023


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