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For people with Down syndrome, family members, caregivers and professionals.

T21RS COVID-19 and Down Syndrome Survey

October 2020 | Trisomy 21 Research Society - COVID-19 Taskforce

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trisomy 21 Research Society (T21RS) has conducted an international survey of COVID-19 in Down syndrome. Caregivers and clinicians of individuals with Down syndrome who developed COVID-19 are invited to complete the survey. The T21RS has shared the findings from the survey at regular intervals. The most recent findings were shared on October 22, 2020. Please see the links below for more information. 



Please visit this link and scroll down to the "COVID-19 and Down Syndrome on-line survey" section. 



Please visit this link to review the most recent findings from the survey. 

T21RS survey results

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