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Washing fruits and vegetables properly

November 27, 2021 07:00 AM
How should fruits and vegetables be washed

Quick Facts about Washing Produce

What produce needs to be washed? 

Clean all produce, including those you plan to peel. The exception is bagged or packaged fruits and vegetables that are labeled prewashed. 

Should soap be used to wash produce?

No. Rinse fruits and vegetables under cool water and gently rub the produce under the running water. The CDC and FDA do not recommend washing produce with soap, commercial produce wash, or other disinfecting products. 

How should produce with peels be washed?

Use a clean vegetable brush to scrub produce such as potatoes, melons, and cucumbers before peeling them. Dirt or germs on the peel can get inside when you cut the produce. 

Additional information about washing fruits and vegetables can be found in this article from Advocate Aurora Health. 

Check out our video on fruits and vegetables to hear Francesca, Danny, and Jason explain why they are important and how we can incorporate more fruits and veggies in our diets. Our Resource Library also has a corresponding handout



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