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For people with Down syndrome, family members, caregivers and professionals.

Wearing Masks During COVID-19

January 2022 | Adult Down Syndrome Center - Resource List

UPDATED 1/14/2022: The CDC has provided updated information on what types of masks to wear and how to improve how your mask fits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing masks in public settings, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, and when around people who do not live in your household. Man with Down syndrome wearing a cloth face maskThe CDC provides guidance in the Masks section on their website. 

A number of resources have been developed for individuals with Down syndrome or other intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to help understand why it is important to wear a mask. We have provided links below. We will update the list as we learn about other resources. 

For Individuals with Down Syndrome

Please see this page in our Resource Library.

For Families and Caregivers

Article from the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation with strategies to help people with Down syndrome wear masks - link

Video on Teaching Individuals with Developmental Disabilities to Wear Face Masks - link

Article from UC Berkeley on Wearing Masks - link

The article describes different types of masks. Some masks may be more comfortable than others based on individual preferences.


To see all our resources on COVID-19, please visit this link.

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