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Activities You Can Do at Home

March 2023 | Adult Down Syndrome Center - Resource List

Are you looking for suggestions of activities you can do at home? We have compiled a list of some ideas below! There are ideas for arts and crafts, cooking, education/learning, fitness and physical activity, and games
arts and crafts paint palette  Arts and Crafts
Free coloring pages from Crayola. The site includes coloring pages for children and adults.
Other ideas: make cards (send them to family, friends, nursing home residents, etc.); make paper chains to decorate a room or count down to an upcoming event; make collages; purchase a craft kit or activity kit from a craft store's website
cooking Cooking
Website with visual recipes and other resources to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities cook basic meals and snacks. 
Online cooking program designed to teach individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn how to cook. Requires paid subscription.
Cooking program that sends monthly kits to subscribers. Designed for children but includes resources appropriate for individuals of all ages. Free resources, paid subscription.
Website and app with over 4,000 recipes. Includes step-by-step instructions and videos for many recipes. 
Our online Resource Library has several handouts and videos on nutrition and healthy eating for individuals with Down syndrome.
education_and_learning Education/Learning
Educational trivia game that is free to play. Each question answered correctly triggers a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP).
Website with a variety of resources including practice exercises and instructional videos for math, science, computing, and history, among others. Lessons are appropriate for learners of all ages.
Educational videos that cover a variety of topics for learners of all ages.
Website that allows you to watch video recordings of plane rides, car rides, and walks through hundreds of cities in the world. 
Free website for learning how to type on a keyboard.
exercise_and_physical_activity Fitness and Physical Activity
Workout videos on YouTube that incorporate dancing.
HASfit Workouts
Exercise videos on YouTube with options for a variety of fitness levels.
Exercise videos and resources provided by Special Olympics.
Walk at Home Workouts
Exercise videos on YouTube that lead viewers in walking and step workouts that can be done inside. 
Blog post that shares 10 Disney-themed workouts.
Our online Resource Library has several handouts on exercise and physical activity for individuals with Down syndrome.
games Games and Puzzles
Article with a list of questions and answers that can be used for Disney trivia.
YouTube playlist with videos that play a snippet of a Disney song and then identify the name of the song after a few moments.
YouTube playlist with videos that play a sound and then identify the sound after a few moments.
Article with ideas for scavenger hunts. Lists can be downloaded and printed for free by providing an email address. 
Online trivia website with quizzes on a variety of topics. Includes quizzes with pictures and quizzes that only require clicking (no typing).  
Website with links to the App Store or Google Play to download a free app to play the classic card game UNO.
Booklet from the Adult Down Syndrome Center with word searches, mazes, coloring pages, and more. 
Collections from Other Organizations
The Arc's collection includes free and fee-based programs from the Arc as well as other organizations and companies.
e-Buddies encourages friendship between individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities through virtual communication and social events.
Scroll down to the "Bonus Weekend Resources" section for coloring sheets, a daily walk diary, film and music challenges, and word searches.
Gigi's Playhouse offers a variety of live and on demand programming for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages. Some of the topics include physical fitness, dancing, cooking, and socializing with others.
General Ideas
Your state or local Down syndrome organization
State and local Down syndrome organizations may offer virtual programming and/or have suggestions of opportunities near you. The National Down Syndrome Congress and Global Down Syndrome Foundation have lists of DS organizations by state on their websites.
Your local library
Many libraries offer virtual programming and/or provide activity kits that you can pick up from the library and complete at home. Many libraries also have subscriptions to online platforms for learning new skills, listening to music, watching movies, reading magazines, and more. 
Last updated March 2023

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