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Fun Activities for Promoting Health

June 2023 | Abby Rowley, LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adult Down Syndrome Center

The list of activities below provides ideas of things to do to avoid boredom, have fun, and promote physical, mental, and social health. There is also a printable version. 

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Arts and Crafts

  • Draw

  • Paint

  • Color

  • Make a card

  • Sing

  • Write a story

  • Write a song

  • Scrapbook

  • Do origami

  • Make jewelry

  • Knit or crochet

  • Sew

  • Take photos

  • Make pottery

  • Do a craft

  • Act in a play

  • Make a collage

  • Make movies

  • Play an instrument

  • Create a new playlist


Physical Activity

  • Go for a walk

  • Lift weights

  • Do a fitness video

  • Ride a bike

  • Do yoga

  • Swim

  • Play sports

  • Dance

  • Garden

  • Go for a hike

  • Move furniture

  • Clean

  • Climb stairs

  • Do Zumba

  • Stretch

  • Do yard work

  • Go for a jog

  • Do squats

  • Play tag

  • Do pushups



  • Take a bath or shower

  • Do your nails

  • Get your hair done

  • Put on lotion

  • Get a massage


Connecting with Others

  • Call a friend or family member

  • Spend time with a friend

  • Write a letter to a family member

  • Play with a pet

  • Look at old photos


Learning and Thinking

  • Do a jigsaw puzzle

  • Play a board game

  • Read a book

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook

  • Research an interesting topic

  • Plan a vacation

  • Fix something

  • Build something

  • Do a crossword or word search

  • Learn a new skill


Getting Out

  • Visit the library

  • Go shopping

  • Eat at a restaurant

  • Go to a concert

  • Go for a ride in the car

  • Visit a museum

  • Go to the movie theater

  • See a play

  • Volunteer

  • Visit a park



  • Look at a magazine or comic book

  • Watch a movie or TV show

  • Play video games

  • Listen to music

  • Write in a journal


Food and Cooking

  • Cook or bake

  • Research new recipes

  • Drink coffee, tea, or a smoothie

  • Try new foods

  • Go on a picnic


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