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Serving Sizes Video

Author: Adult Down Syndrome Center - Video

Knowing how much to eat can be challenging. In this video on serving sizes, Jeff and Kurt share tips for eating appropriate amounts of different types of foods. They show how the size of our hand can

Tips for Dealing with Stress Video

Author: Adult Down Syndrome Center - Video

We  all  experience stress in our lives. What causes stress and how stress is managed varies from person-to-person. In the video below, Cindy and Nora describe stress and share tips

Sleep Hygiene

Author: Chris Molitor, MD - Family Medicine Resident, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Technology and handheld gadgets have become an everyday part of our lives. Flat-screen TVs, iPads, Netflix, smart phones, and Kindle e-readers are common devices many people use and enjoy in their spa

Healthy Eating at Buffets Video

Author: Adult Down Syndrome Center - Video

Making healthy choices at a buffet can be challenging. In this video, Carly and Tyler explain and demonstrate helpful tips to address this challenge. The tips in this video also apply to potlucks, fam

Fit 5 Fitness Cards and Videos

Author: Special Olympics - Resource

The website linked here  contains downloadable cards and videos that feature Special Olympics athletes and provide visual demonstrations of endurance, strength, and flexibility exercises. The

Exercise in People with Down Syndrome

Author: Kyle Yost, DO - Family Medicine Resident, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

In the United States, obesity is on the rise. This is also true for individuals with Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome are at a higher risk of becoming obese compared to the general popula

Helping a Person with Down Syndrome Make Goals

Author: Shana Sexton, LCSW - Social Worker, Adult Down Syndrome Center

It’s a time of year when many people are thinking about the New Year and making New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us have goals for the year to come. How can you help someone with Do

Healthy Pace for Eating Video

Author: Adult Down Syndrome Center - Video

Eating too fast can cause us to get a stomachache, cough, or even choke. If we eat more slowly, we can enjoy our food and be healthier. This video talks about a healthy pace for eating snacks and meal

Healthy Food and Drink Choices Video

Author: Adult Down Syndrome Center - Video

Some food and drink choices are healthier than others. In this video, Molly and Peter help us identify the healthier choice between two food or drink options. A corresponding visual handout can be fou

Food Choices in Group Settings, Workshops, and at Community Events

Author: Brian Chicoine, MD - Medical Director, Adult Down Syndrome Center

One of the areas our patients find challenging to making healthy choices is in the availability of food options in group settings, workshops, and community events. The limited choices in vending machi

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